Microsoft SQL Server Integration

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Seamlessly integrate with Symon.AI

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system built to store and retrieve data requested by external software applications.
How to get set up

In Symon.AI, go to the Data tab.


Click Import Data.

Symon.AI Data

In the third-party sources section, click SQL Server.

Import SQL Server Data into Symon.AI

On the Connect to your Database page, enter the following information, then click Next:

Field Description
Connector name The name for your connection
Host The host URL
Port The port number
Database The PostgreSQL database name
Username The PostgreSQL user name
Password The PostgreSQL password
Connect to your SQL Server Database

On the Choose data sets page, select the set of data to include, then click Next.


On the Obfuscate data page, select the data sets that you want to conceal, then click Next.


On the Review page, review the data sets that you are importing. Click Import data to finish.

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