Make sense of your data with augmented intelligence.

Leverage Symon.AI to find patterns, identify outliers and predict outcomes to make more informed decisions.

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Automate manual data handling.
Cut data prep time with just a few clicks.
Get to insights faster.

Using your data to make informed decisions shouldn’t be so tedious.

Symon.AI enables you to identify patterns and outliers in your data, while our easy-to-use interface allows you to generate data visualizations without the need for data customization and technical assistance. The evidence you’ve been seeking to help you make better decisions is at your fingertips!

Clean data—automatically!

Add your data and automate the clean up! Symon.AI has over 100 tools to clean, filter, combine, enrich and otherwise prepare text, spreadsheet, database or data from cloud apps for analysis.

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Drag and drop to insight

Once you’ve prepared your data, Symon.AI’s canvas makes it a snap to add tools that predict outcomes, forecast results, find outliers and visualize results. Understand what’s driving your business outcomes.

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Whether you’re new to data science and augmented intelligence (AI) or an experienced user, Symon.AI makes it easy to understand how each prediction, forecast is built – and helps you see which actions to take – so you can understand how to best drive results.

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Symon.AI is taking businesses to the next level with augmented intelligence.


“Symon.AI is seriously cool! Within 20 minutes I was able to review all anomalous payouts for the quarter: the analytics and reports allowed me to find patterns of behaviour that were previously hidden. As a result, Lifetime Fitness is now saving thousands of dollars in over-compensation every week.”

Joseph Pehrson
Compensation Systems Leader, Lifetime Fitness

Why partner with Symon.AI?

More and more businesses are embedding AI to help leaders make better decisions, build trust within their networks, drive client success, experience and retention, unlock new revenue opportunities, forecast business outcomes and so much more. Even Gartner is noting AI's  impact, estimating the business value derived from AI to reach $4T by 2022. Are you ready?


Support and Resources

Develop your solution with the power of machine learning. Symon.AI gives you access to a cloud-based pre-built AI platform enabling you to deliver more value to your end clients while you focus on your core competency.

Leveraging Symon.AI for your solution means faster development using an embedded AI solution backed by a team of AI experts with years of experience so you can stay ahead of the innovation wave. And because Symon.AI is a solution that’s tried and true, you cut development risk and costs, while strengthening your product offering by adding a competitive differentiator that lets your solution stand out from the rest.


Symon.AI connects to various data sources, including Varicent ICM, Google Sheets, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Shopify, PostgreSQL, My SQL, Oracle, and Amazon Aurora. We’re always adding new data connectors to Symon.AI so check back soon for updates.

Use Cases

Gain more insight into Gender Pay across your organization. Delve deeper into Diversity within departments. Review patterns, identify outliers and forecast Customer Churn, Seller Performance, Seller Churn and much more using Symon.AI.

Build with the best. Differentiate your business. Accelerate ROI with prebuilt assets. Join our early access program today.


No, Symon.AI is built with natural language so you can get up and running right away!

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Absolutely! Our customers have been able to leverage their third-party scheduler with ease.

We’re working on it! Currently, Symon.AI is available in English only but check back soon for updates on Symon.AI.

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