Learning Hub: Get Started with Advanced Analytics

Discover new ways to prepare and transform your data and gain insights quicker with the videos below. 

Clean and Prepare Data

Restructure Data

Learn how to aggregate and reshape data to restructure data for specific analysis.

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Combine the Rows of Two Data Sets

Learn how to utilize the Union tool to combine the rows of two separate data sets.

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Join Two Data Sets

Learn how to configure the Join tool to easily combine multiple data sets.

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Prepare Data for Classification

Learn how to prepare data for classification analysis with this doomsday example.

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Fuzzy Match Data with Smart Matcher

Learn how to easily clean up combined data sets with the Smart Matcher tool.

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Build a Data Model

Choose the Right Prediction Tool

Learn how to conduct predictive analysis using Regressor, Smart Matcher, Classifier, and more.

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Build a Regression Model

Learn how to configure the Regressor tool to predict house prices and more.

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Configure the Classifier Tool

Learn how to configure the Classifier tool to make accurate predictions.

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Conduct Forecast Analysis

Learn how to utilize monthly revenue time series data to conduct forecast analysis.

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Interpret Data

Conduct Outlier and Segmentation Analysis

Learn how to conduct outlier and segmentation analysis to benefit your business.

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Interpret Column Importance

Learn how to understand column importance in your predictive models.

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Evaluate Regression Scores

Learn how to understand and utilize baseline, model, error, and R2 Regressor scores.

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Understand Classifier Scores

Learn how to utilize Classifier scores to evaluate the accuracy of your Classification model.

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