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Forget about exporting and importing files

With the most popular CRMs and data warehouses, you won’t have to spend time manually downloading and uploading data. Importing data takes seconds, not hours. Easily check for updates to ensure you get the most reliable information.

Symon.AI Data Import
Clean Data Pipeline in Symon.AI

Clean and transform data in a few clicks

Make sense of the most complex and sophisticated data sets with robust data preparation tools. No matter the size, Symon.AI has the right tools for the job, with 100+ operations to clean, filter, combine, enrich and organize data.

Intimidated? Don’t be. Symon.AI also recommends the best tools to use.

No-code predictive models

Easily find patterns in your data with leading-edge classifiers, regressors and outlier identification. Then, use predictor tools to forecast what will happen with your sales, customers, campaigns, and more.

Forecasted Sales Trends Chart
Customer Churn Prediction

Accelerators for your data pipelines and visualizations

Symon.AI includes dozens of pre-built blueprints and apps. The templates generate insights into seller performance, customer churn, discounting practices, and more. Simply add your own data and review the insights.

Storytelling with data

Build trust and earn recognition from executives by delivering your compelling analyses with Symon.AI's 25+ chart types. Tell better stories with dashboards that enable multiple charts and customizable settings.

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