HubSpot Integration

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Seamlessly integrate with Symon.AI

HubSpot is a CRM platform which allows you to keep track of leads and customers at different stages in their journey. HubSpot’s CRM comes with a selection of tools, including live chat, dynamic lists, forms for lead capture, and email marketing.
How to get set up

In Symon.AI, go to the Data tab.


Click Import Data.

Symon.AI Data

In the third-party sources section, click HubSpot.

Pen note
If you are not already logged into HubSpot you will be prompted to log in.
Import HubSpot Data to Symon.AI

Once you are logged in, Symon.AI will ask you which HubSpot account you would like to connect to. Select the account, then click Choose Account


You will be redirected to an app approval page, where you must select Connect App in order to connect Symon.AI to HubSpot.

You will now be able to use HubSpot as a third-party source for data imports.

Importing Data from Hubspot

Within Symon.AI's Data tab, select Import Data.

Symon.AI Import Data

Select HubSpot from third-party sources.

Import Data into Symon.AI

Select the HubSpot connection you wish to pull data from.


Select the start date. Then, click Next.


Select the data sets you would like to import. Then, click Next.


Choose the columns you would like to import and select whether you would like to hide or obfuscate the values for the columns. Then, click Next.


Review the data for import. Then, click Import to complete the import.


The imported HubSpot data will be visible on your My Data page.

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